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Rainforest Home Maintenance

Introducing Rainforest Home Maintenance, your trusted partner in maintaining the beauty and functionality of your home anchored in the supernatural West Coast rainforest. Our dedicated and skilled professionals are here to provide comprehensive home maintenance services tailored to the unique challenges posed by this lush and biodiverse environment.

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Rainforest home maintenance

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Rainforest Home Maintenance

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At Rainforest Home Maintenance, we understand the delicate balance between preserving nature’s magnificence and ensuring your home remains in pristine condition. From routine upkeep to specialized tasks, we offer a wide range of services, including gutter cleaning & guard installation, roof demossing, “squeegee-less” window washing, deck and patio restoration, two types of washing; standard powerwash for those stubborn jobs and softwash for the more delicate applications… YOU decide!

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To Hire Us

Step Number One

Fill Out the Quote Request Form: Locate the quote request form on the website, or simply, call us!

Step Number Two

If your needs are a bit more in-depth, it may be best for us to arrange a visit to your home for a Free ‘No Obligation’ Onsite Estimate.

Step Number Three

After finalizing the agreed-upon plan, arrange a date for the service and prepare for the remarkable transformation of your roof, deck, or patio!

Step Number Four

After the completion of the task, you are welcome to assess the quality of our service.



Are Clients Saying

Very professional and friendly workers. They clean a roof and gutters in no time! I will hire them again for sure!

Mary Johnson

I have problems with my gutters! Rainforest guys take care of that on my request! Kudos to them!

John Spaarrow

I needed someone to wash my walls and roof! Rainforest Home Service workers finish that task very quickly!

Rebeca Mornay